Cougar Rock:

Access to Arnold's famous Cougar Rock trail entrance is not far from Pinecone Hollow in what is called by locals as Penny Pines. From Pinecone Hollow, drive about 2 minutes to the cross roads of Fairway Dr. & Nugget Ct. and park at the forestry entrance.


Overview directions from Pinecone Hollow to Penny Pines:

Out of our drive way go left…

then right at Silver/Crystal…

then left on Fairway and stay on Fairway till you see Nugget Ct.

Thereat, look for the Foresty Road entrance on Fairway’s side of the road and park there. Though the entire walk to Cougar Rock is forestry road it can be challenging at times depending on the season so bring plenty of water & snacks for the hike. My favorite place in all of Arnold is to perch myself at the top of Cougar Rock on a clear day (under 3-miles round trip).