Melones Lake - Angels Creek Trail - Easter Day 2018

Melones Lake - Angels Creek Trail - Easter Day 2018


Top of Table Mountain

Overlooking Melones Lake from the South side of the Lake via Jamestown.

Table Mountain

From Pinecone Hollow, Table Mountain is about a 40 minute drive down the hill through Angels Camp toward Jamestown on the South side of Melones Lake. While the North Side of Melones Lake is considered Angels Camp, the South Side is considered Jamestown. So go ahead and cross the Stevenot Bridge (aka Melones Bridge) and head toward Jamestown.

GPS your route to Table Mountain Trailhead Parking area. Or type out in your GPS 17926 Shell Rd, Jamestown, Ca. Where the road ends with a road block, the trail begins.

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From the Top

Walking distance to the top of Table Mountain and back to your car is under 3 miles. The view from the top of Table Mountain is spectacular. It’s fun to bring a lunch for the top area and sit and enjoy the view.

Table Mountain was formed by lava flows from the Dardanelles (more specifically the Dardanells Cone) near the Bear Valley/Spicer area. If you go to Google Earth you can trace the lava flow all the way from the high sierra Dardanelles down to the foothills of Oakdale, Ca.


10 Million Years of Change

The surrounding landscape of this lava flow has changed dramatically over last 10 million years and has become inverted. The soft soil on both sides of the lava flow has eroded and created vast valleys around it with magnificent views. It is a humbling experience to know the very rock under your feet on top of this mountain pre-dates all of its surroundings by 10 million years.